Friday, January 21, 2011

Flying Dog - Double Dog Double Pale Ale

Flying Dog - Double Pale Ale (Double IPA) Maryland, US
12oz Dark brown bottle. No freshness date noticed. Served in an Orval goblet.
It pours a deep coppery color with a rich foamy beige head which leaves loads of sticking, webby lacing.
I was half expecting to be knocked over with a big alcoholic aroma blast at 11.5% abv, but instead was mildly surprised to inhale lots of sweet malty bread notes and citrusy hop smells. There is a nice rummy fuminess rising up and lasting throughout, but it is in its place.
Tastes of brown bread and spiced rum cake and grapefruity citrus are potent. Sweet honey and a mild taste of oranges follow. The rummy alcohol taste reminds me not to go too fast with this one. Peppery and clovey spices are noticed in the finish.
A tingly effervescent body is another surprise here. I expected more of a rounded and buttery mouthfeel.
It is what is is. A really strong brew for sitting by the fire while enjoying some smoked almonds and cheese and crackers.

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