Monday, June 14, 2010

Neumarkter Lammsbrau

Dunkel – Nurenberg, Germany - 4.8% abv
A nice off-white head floats on top of deep, ruby-hued tan leather body. Some trailing and patchy lace stick in thin patterns.
A musty malt aroma blends very well with a resinous Nobels hops smell. A light aromatic smell of flowers peek through.
A pleasant sweet malty taste is upfront. Light caramel sweetness is tempered by a balancing hop bitterness. Mild citrusy notes and a slight metallic bite add support for this malty brew.
This is a rich, full-bodied brew, but it is not in any way thick or cloying. Very gulpable!
This is a classic Dunkel is every sense, except that is an organic brew. Who can argue against brewing a classic beer with organic ingredients?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Boris Alsatian Ale

Saverne, France 5.5%

Small dark green 8.5oz bottle. No Freshness date.

For starters, this is an Alsatian Ale, not a "Euro Pale Lager".

It pours a copper-hued gold color with a thin, but lasting white head.

There's a mild fruity smell and a background smell of a just opened grain sack. A faint smell of a musty cellar comes to mind.

The malt possesses a pleasant lightly sweet herbal taste and a dry, raw harshness in the back of the throat.

The hops provide a sharp and edgy bitterness, yet not in an overwhelming way. A little taste of vodka is noticed.