Friday, November 5, 2010

Polar - Pilsner-style Lager

12oz brown bottle. Poured into a standard 12oz glass. Porlamar, Isla de Margarita, Venezuela (Home of the World's Worst Drivers)
It pours a pale straw golden color with a fast-fading fizzy white head. Some trailing lace.
A grainy cereal smell rises and remains throughout. Some coppery metallic smell mixes with a whiff of floral hop and wet grass.
The flavor is a bit on the sweet grainy side. Some corn and a light metallic hop tang are actually not that bad.
The mouthfeel is just Ok. There's nothing wrong with it, yet there's not much to it.
I expected the worst and braced myself for a struggle to finish it. Then I had two more. When in Venezuela...
Pair with simple boiled or steamed hotdogs and potato salad. Grilled fish and vegetables go well too.