Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sinebrychoff - Baltic Porter Finland – 7.2% abv

A nice winter beer (or any other season). Dark Rich Coffee flavors. Full Bodied. Very Hoppy

Flavored. Hint of Sweetness. Rich, yet Drinkable. Bit of an Alcohol Kick!

Sinebrychoff, or Koff as it is called in Finland makes a variety of beer styles, but in this researchers opinion, only their Porter really stands out as a "craft" brew (this brew becomes a "Vintage" or aged style Porter in time). In the past, silly governing bodies of the state regulated the brewing industry and generally frowned upon interesting or varietal styles. Fortunately, brewers and beer lovers across the country have developed awareness and lobbying groups to help promote a wide variety of Finnish brews. This Baltic style Porter, although it had long ago passed muster with state regulators, is a prime example of a beer crafted with care, attention to detail and love. The color is like strong, dark coffee. The full and rich body envelopes an abundance of sharp-edged fresh hops. This powerfully flavored brew contains an alcohol kick, yet it remains very drinkable. It ages very well. Pair with wild game. Goes very well with creamy desserts and rich chocolate.
Kiipis! (Cheers)

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