Sunday, August 29, 2010

Corona Extra

Grupo Modelo - Corona Extra - 4.6% abv
You can see and feel the masterful power of the Anheuser–Busch marketing machine behind this cheap, watery, bland, corn-mealy, highly over-rated suds. Notice the bottle on its side in this image? It's best that way. Pour it out!
Rating – Listen to the warning bells going off in your head whenever someone tries to squeeze a lemon or lime wedge into your bottle. – It’s either flavorless or disgusting. This pale yellow swill with the fast fading white head holds a light pasty corn meal malt, almost flavorless light hops and a sweet wet corncob aroma and taste. An awful syrupy sweetness just adds to the absolute shittiness of this foul adjunct-laced septic waste. Even with the lime, it's a poor excuse for a beer. Retched!

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