Monday, February 28, 2011

Ithaca Ground Break - American-Style Saison

12 oz brown bottle. Best before date etched on label.
Poured into an Allagash goblet.
The color is a cloudy honey amber color with a thinnish white head and some trailing lacing.
A big whiff of clovey Brett yeast is realized before the pour is complete. Smells of sweet malt and lemon zest are in perfect harmony. A faint smell of orange liquor is noticed.
A flavors are spot on for the style (although the Saison/Farmhouse styles tend to vary). I like this one...a lot!
Spicy hops, citrusy fruits, lemon zest meld nicely in a loving caramel malt body. Honey sweetness and a light alcoholic warmth are so inviting.
Goes down so liquid and smooth with just a bit of an edgy raspiness.
Nice with spicy Indian or Thai food!

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