Thursday, March 10, 2011

Captain Swain's Extra Stout

Captain Swain’s Extra Stout – Cisco Brewers Nantucket, MA – 8% ABV

This is a complete re-edit from my review on 10-14-2003.

No doubt I had a bottle gone bad the first time around.

It pours a very deep cola color with a 1" tan head and loads of lacing.

Smells of a horse barn that had a slight fire the night before - In a completely good way. Smells of roasted malt, burnt toast, coffee, chocolate and flowers follow.

A big taste of roasted chocolate malt is dominant, but the resinous and citrusy hops are no shrinking violets. It's roasty, toasty and tart, with a hint of pine!

The mouthfeel is near perfect for the style. Not too oily, nor too heavy.

I wish I had re-tried this earlier. Good, solid stout!

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