Thursday, December 29, 2011

Beer style of the week; The 12 Beers of Christmas, (but Great any time)

5th Day of Christmas

For the past 3 weeks we have merrily ventured through the kingdoms of Christmas Ales and enchanted Winter Warmer wonderlands. For the next 8 days we bring you a sampling of diverse beers from around the world that are purely divine by nature. These are the splendid spirit-lifting brews to enjoy with family and friends as we celebrate this special time of year.

Some of these delightful beers are found in weeks past and in week’s future, others will be making a cameo appearance because of their special connection to the season. They come in all styles, varieties, and strengths. All are very good!

Day 1 – Sinebrychoff Porter

Day 2 – Geary’s Hampshire Special

Day 3 - Hooker Liberator

Day 4 – Trappiste Rochefort 10

Day 5

Baden Baden – Red Ale (Double Red) – Cervejaria Baden Baden – Campos Do Jordoa, Brazil – 9.2% ABV

(Yes, Brazil has some fascinating micro and craft brewers well worth trying…plus the Brazilians are a Christmas-loving nation.)

16.9oz dark brown bottle. Freshness date on label. Served in a wine goblet.
This strong Red Ale is really an Imperial or Double Red Ale.
It pours a nice root beer color with a yellowish beige head.
A dark rum fuminess rises up. A sweet nutty malt smell follows.
Flavors of toffee and sweet malt extract are quite potent. A mild taste of candy sugar and hint of mint linger in the background.
Sharp-edged orange zest and tart lime-like bitterness provide an ample hoppiness to counter the heavy maltiness. A slight peppery spiciness gives this brew a nice finishing taste.
Throughout, a taste of rum and fruit punch comes to mind.
This brew packs a wallop!

Feliz Natal! (Merry Christmas!) – Sa├║de (Cheers!)

Quote: “Wine made from barley…was very strong, and of delicious flavor,

But the taste must be acquired” – Xenophon (44 B.C.)

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