Monday, October 25, 2010

Grand Teton Brewing - Sheep Eater Scotch Ale

Grand Teton Brewing - Sheep Eater Scotch Ale - Victor Idaho - 7.5% abv
33.8oz dark brown bottle. 2009 vintage.
Poured into a Sam Adams fluted glass.
The color is a deep ruby-hued mahogany with a fading tannish beige head. A little trailing and clingy lace slides into oblivion.
A very heavy smell of dark roasted malt, caramel candy and a dark rummy whiff are upfront. Smells of peat, molasses and berries are noticed throughout.
Big robust malty flavors carry tastes of creme brulee, chocolate covered cherries, dark rum-soaked pears and spicy hops.
I enjoy the the nearly oily, silky smoothness in the mouth and throat feel.
Such a large bottle, so smooth, fairly high octaine = Bliss.
Very nice brew, but expensive as hell.

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