Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rogue-John John Ale

Rogue - John John Ale Brewed w/ Juniper Berries and Aged in Spruce Gin Barrels.
Newport, Or. - 5.2% abv
One pint 6 oz brown bottle. No freshness date. Pint glass.
The color is a hazy orange-hued amber with a fast-fading white head and some trailing lace.
Smells of dry hay, dry malt, oak, lemon zest and resinous hop meld well together. A slight alcoholic whiff is noticed.
Sharp-edged citrusy bitterness slices through the malty sweetness without much effort. There really is the ginny perfuminess in the taste. Light flavors of oak, lemons, caramel sweetness and tart berries peek through.
There is a certain drying sensation in the mouthfeel.
It does go down well, although I really would have appreciated a bit more gin-like kick to this brew. Imagine this in an Imperial style...
This goes well with creamy cheeses, light poultry dishes, and mild seafood.

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